• Grown Up Gigs: Elaine Huang, Music Enthusiast + Brand Consultant + Dream Builder at Neon Owl

    Back in February, I got an email from Elaine of Neon Owl. I didn’t know her, but she pulled me in right away with her second paragraph:

    I was recently VP at my last company making great money, feeling a sense of void. It hit me that I really wanted to create something out of all the things I love. Shortly after figuring that out, I resigned, packed up my bags on a cross country road trip and move from SF to NYC, while starting Neon Owl. Neon Owl is a media company that creates positive, inspirational content in the EDM industry, with a focus on helping charities around the globe. We feature up close and personal interviews with artists, influencers and organizations within the music industry to dig into their journey, struggles, motivation, and vision behind why they do what they do. Through this we tell the stories that are not often told, and hope to slowly but sure change how music media is generated and consumed.”

    As you can imagine, she got my attention. Not only did I share her Indiegogo campaign (which was the reason why she got in touch), but I asked if she’d be a Grown Up Gigs guest and did the happy dance when she agreed.

    I finally got to talk to Elaine last month, and her story, knowledge, passion, determination and journey didn’t disappoint!

    Show Notes:

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