• (GYSS #92): Quitting Your Job To Pursue Your Passion Project w/ Elaine Huang

    About This Episode

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    Elaine Huang is the founder of Neon Owl, a media company that focuses on bringing positive, inspirational content back into music media, while connecting artists and fans to give back to charities around the world. She left her six-figure income position as VP to create a life out of passion and purpose. Elaine is the poster child of creating and living a life filled with nothing less than what you love.

    I wanted to get Elaine on the show because she took a longer road toward turning her passion project into a legitimate, lifestyle business. Elaine left a secure, six-figure job in order to build a business she loved. But, it didn’t happen overnight. We talk about why Elaine felt lost during college, how she turned her lifelong passion into a profitable business, and even some of the unexpected challenges Elaine faced while transitioning from working for someone else to being her own boss.

    Cheat Sheet:

    • Elaine founded Neon Owl as a way to give back to EDM fans, artists, and the industry as a whole
    • Elaine studied communication and sociology at UC Davis, but says she never really enjoyed college
    • Elaine says she was “pretty lost” during her first couple of years in college (expectations didn’t match reality)
    • College provided Elaine with the relationships she needed to succeed, but not the education
    • Why Elaine went to work for College Works Painting in college (and why she says it was the best decision she ever made)
    • How to figure out what you really want out of life (and how to separate reasons from excuses)
    • Why most people told Elaine that she should NOT make the leap (and why she did it anyway)
    • Elaine’s advice to those scared of taking the leap: “The first step is to act, and the rest will come.”
    • The biggest challenge in starting her business: “It’s much harder than I thought.”

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